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Ferrite Transformers and Inductors

Ferrite Transformers and Inductors

Ferrites are used for producing transformer and inductor ferrite cores. Ferrites are attractive because they are smaller and have less eddy current loss than silicone steel laminations. The use of ferrite cores also reduces the amount of copper required since fewer turns are needed in winding.

South Haven Coil produces ferrites in a variety of sizes and configurations with wire sizes ranging from 10AWG-48AWG depending on the design. Available configurations include pot cores, toroids, E & I cores, ETD cores, and RM cores. Ferrites are produced according to the customer’s specifications regarding direct current resistance, input/output voltage, inductance, impedance and dielectric strength requirements.

Our products can meet all applicable UL, CE, CSA and VDE codes and all are built in South West Michigan.

Our engineers handle tooling design, development, run off, prototypes and PPAP. SPC is deployed where appropriate to assure on-going conformance to specifications during serial production.

On time to your exact specifications.