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Potted Coils

Potted Coils

When extended environmental protection is needed, a potted (encapsulated) coil may be the best choice. This process floods the gap between the coil and housing with epoxy, urethanes or other elastomers. Potting provides humidity and splash resistance in applications such as automotive, off-road vehicles, trucks and trailers, or industrial applications with fluid exposure. Potting can also enhance the ability to conduct heat away from the coil windings more efficiently. This can allow higher power coils, higher ambient temperatures or more effective coil force generation at a given ambient temperature.

Manufactured in South Haven, Michigan, our potted coil assemblies are available in sizes from 0.5in3 - 20in3. Several termination types are available, such as spade, pins, DIN, lugs and flying lead wires. Customer defined custom termination types are welcomed. Integrated printed circuit boards, diodes and resistors can be designed and included in the potting, as well.

Our engineers handle tooling design, development, run off, prototypes and PPAP. SPC is deployed where appropriate to assure on-going conformance to specifications during serial production.

With over 50 years of experience, whether your need is small or large volume runs, South Haven Coil will deliver with quality product on budget and on-time.

On time to your exact specifications.